About Sacred Ground Healing

Fifteen years ago I had planted myself firmly in the environmental education tribe. I was running a bushwalking lodge and teaching sustainable living with my husband and we were expecting a baby. Things were about to change, but not in the way I expected. When I gave birth I had to have an emergency caesarean. Lying alone in a recovery room afterwards I was hit by a wall of disempowerment, grief and anxiety. As the months passed, my mental health fell into a dark spiral. Something had broken open in me and it would not be busied away or ignored.

I was reluctant to get help but after a year I went to my doctor who said he could prescribe anti-depressants. I tried counselling. I didn’t know what to trust. I didn’t understand my emotional needs. I knew I needed to start calming my mind and listening to my body, but how? I had done some yoga from a book a few years before and it had proved helpful for relaxation. I knew I wanted the most authentic version of yoga I could find. I looked up my closest ashram, and checked to see if they had any training programs. Yes, there was a yogic studies program that explored philosophy and six branches of yoga through an experiential process. It would be a huge commitment and a big change of direction for me.

I took our daughter for a walk in her pushchair up the hill. I sat on a big rock whilst she slept. Looking up in the sky I saw a huge white cloud that opened like a doorway. I knew a decision was needed. I decided to enrol in the course. Saying yes to this was an immense re-grounding of my values and priorities. This started me on a two-year journey into cultivating present moment awareness and the exploring the esoteric mystery and beauty of Vedic philosophy.

I was starting to rewire my consciousness and gain some inner strength, however, the regime was austere. People who know me are aware that I am not good in the early mornings. Parents are often sleep deprived and during ashram stays and back at home the requirement was to get up at 5am daily and do a 5.30-7am yoga practice. I got really tired and although I was on a good path, I was still not listening to my body’s needs. I also lost some faith in the hierarchical nature of the ashram system which didn’t align with my values. What I still trusted was the natural world and my connection to it, but I was a bit lost and things felt fragile.

Then a massive, vivid dream came. It unfolded like an epic, mythological saga. I am still unpacking the layers of that game-changer night. I dreamt I was hunting a vast, primordial feminine energy in the form of a vengeful sea-kraken. I ended up falling out of a boat and facing down the beast in her element. She turned out to be a mystical, shape-shifting creature who was indestructible. She offered a magical doorway into enlightenment to those who hunted her. Clues from the spirit world can be subtle, gentle, repetitive, or come like a giant gong sounding. This was definitely a giant gong.

The symbols in the dream led me through an exploration of several healing traditions. I trained in Reiki, Crystal Vibrational Therapy and then Crystal Shamanic Healing. I was nervous about exploring the spiritual world but I took things at my own pace and gradually learned to trust my own heart as a guidance system,  integrating what I learned from others with my own inner experiences, step-by-step.   How to navigate consciousness and how to embody spiritual values in everyday life have been driving questions in my life. I also explored menstrual health and mythology and began to make peace with my body.

As I got clearer on my body’s needs and brought healing to past emotional wounds, there were many difficult decisions I had to make in my life. I realised some of my biggest emotional challenges were leading me back to a deeper sense of self and a deeper connection to people and the Earth. In 2013 I started this business, Sacred Ground Healing, to offer crystal therapy, workshops and retreats. I travelled from the country to bigger towns to do energy healing sessions for clients. I applied karma yoga training to everyday life which brought meaning, calm and grounding.

I completed my yoga teacher training and then a tantric goddess activation course with Raja Choudhury of A Thousand Suns Academy which was truly transformative. Where evidence-based discoveries from science are converging with ancient wisdom traditions I found my own deep truths about how to live well and how our universe and consciousness works. From my early teens I had dedicated my life to serving Mother Earth as something outside of myself. Now I experience myself and all life as unique parts of Mother Earth’s heart in one synergy, and she is guiding us to peace and balance every step of the way if we listen.

Using meditation and energy healing tools inspired by Mother Earth, I help people plug body, mind and spirit back into the grounding and nurturing of her beautiful energies for health and wellbeing. I am not a keeper of an indigenous wisdom tradition.  My ancestry is from many places; I have a deep love and respect for Mother Earth as sacred ground around the world.  I want to contribute to, embody and connect to others interested in experiencing a new paradigm where we gain safety, connection, belonging and purpose by re-sacredising our relationship with the natural world. I believe each and every moment we experience this, can help our world heal and rebalance. My daughter is my absolute joy and inspiration. I hope we can create a kinder world for all young people.

I haven’t forgotten the feelings and challenges I went through and I still experience grief and anxiety about what is happening to the Earth. I use the tools I have learned to acknowledge, feel and explore these indicators of honest relationship with life. 

I want to help sensitive people, nurturers and empaths to feel emotional support, empowerment, purpose and joy every day. Each person’s unique gifts matter to me and when understood and applied, I think they can transform the world for the better. If this resonates with you, you could follow my podcast. I want to thank my teachers, guides and Mother Earth for each day, and honour the wisdom of their teachings by sharing with others who could benefit.

Helen rubeli

Energy Healer

Hi, this is Helen. I create portals into deep time to give you beautiful, transformative experiences with the heart of Mother Earth. I do this through the vibrational healing of music, sound, mantra and crystal grids.

I want to help people seeking a deeper connection to nature, replace fear, anxiety and grief with peace, bliss, belonging and purpose. This is my contribution to the raising of consciousness and compassion in our world in these times.

I am a Reiki Master Healer and Crystal Shamanic Healer accredited with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. I am also a Yoga and Meditation Teacher accredited with the International Yoga Teachers’ Association.

My journey has taken me around the world, exploring environmental education, yoga teaching and energy healing, always with earth-based philosophies at the core. I have lived close to or in nature all my life, which I find a magical source of bliss and inspiration.

“You have a natural gift for this type of healing.”

Kate, Wangat Lodge, 2011
Sacred Ground Healing Values
  • Listen to Mother Earth
  • Peace
  • Empathy
  • Awareness
  • Create inspirational solutions
  • Embody your beliefs